Disconnecting from the City life

I’m about to start on a new path soon as I, after more than 15 years of New York City life, begin to disconnect from the Manhattan / City hustle-bustle. Four years ago, I took a first step on that path when my wife and I moved to a suburb in New Jersey. In a few weeks, I’ll take a next step as I switch to a new job where I won’t have any job responsibilities tied to New York or any other city.

It’s a big transistion for me, and one I’m looking forward to.

Quality-of-Work, or Quality-of-Life…

People tend to frame work-life balance discussions as being about quality-of-life. I think that’s a mistake.

For me, they are just as much about quality-of-work.

And since my work is important to me, that’s an important distinction.

About halfway through reading “The Year Without Pants” – an inside story about work at Automattic (the guys and gals who make WordPress).

I’ve read lots of books about software development over the last few years. This one is pretty unique in that it is about a product which has really succeeded and really shines, but it gives you a glimpse of how mundane and dirty is the project work behind-the-scenes which actually produces the software. I feel like most insider stories just talk about the good stuff and the highlights but not so much about the dirt.