Wishful Snow-Think

It’s supposed to be the first snow of any significance today. Not too much, just a few inches. Hoping it will come after my morning commute and wrap itself up before my evening commute begins. And melt from all the driveways and sidewalks but stay pretty and fluffy and white on all the trees and bushes and lawn for weeks.

Just upgraded to Evernote (270046) Prelease, and dang – that “hesitate after you type two characters in the search-as-you-type feature is still there”… A few years ago the Support tech told me that bug would go away with the .NET code converstion.

Wishlist for Evernote

I love Evernote. There, I said it. It’s pretty much always been so right from the start.

One of the things I love about them is that they put an intense focus on providing the best user experience on every platform. So whether you are using Windows, Mac, mobile, or web, there’s a native client available for that platform.

One of the other things I love is that they are ALL ABOUT THE DATA…

Data – that’s it. Capture your data. Organize it, if you like. And find it later. It holds everything and it’s beautiful.

But they’ve got some problems, and unfortunately they are problems which have been around for a bit too long now.

For example, the web interface is slooow. It’s better than it was a few years ago when too many tags could cause the user interface to completely lock-up. But it still takes way too long to load and there are too many times when the UI just hangs – e.g., after editing some text or when adding a new note. The web UI needs to be more “spiffy.”

The Windows desktop app, on the whole, it very good. But it’s got a hesitation problem when you are searching for text that causes the entire app to hang after you type the first two characters into the search box. It’s because they are trying to do a “search as you type” feature, and they implemented it with some blocking thread that has some poor performance. I would say fine, no big deal. But the bug has been there for at least several years. It should be gone by now.

Other than these few bugs, I just have one request. I would love a way to comment on an existing note so that the comment showed as a distinct data item somehow attached to the note along with a timestamp. I know I can fudge this by using a note link, but I wish Evernote had something similar to Basecamp’s or Google Doc’s commenting system.