Running amok

This weekend is a weekend for running some errands, getting some things done around the house, getting a little time to relax, and nursing my slight cold which seems to be coming on.

The yard still looks ugly, because it’s mostly covered with melty dirt snow and the part that is not snowy is just all brown and wilted. It’s amazing how much snow we still have even though it’s been pretty warm outside for a while now.

On a Sleepy Saturday Morning…

It’s a sleepy Saturday morning. I’ve been up since 4:30am, had some personal and work projects on my mind. Did some thinking and work for a while, then had some leftover Chinese food, watched some TV and back to sleep on the couch for a bit. Up again, more coffee, but it’s still a sleepy day.

It usually takes me until sometime on Sunday afternoon to really get my head back into “reset mode” where the busy week slips away and I can be creative and productive again. I’d like to think that I can keep myself that way all week, but as much as I wish it, I haven’t found a way to do that yet. The routine of work and personal (which are often very much inter-twined) seems to be, for better or for worse, one that I like and which works for me. That’s fine, as long as I am sure not to get too deeply immersed in the administrative aspects of either.

Later today we plan to go out dancing – salsa. It’s not my favorite dance but it’s still fun.