Running amok

This weekend is a weekend for running some errands, getting some things done around the house, getting a little time to relax, and nursing my slight cold which seems to be coming on.

The yard still looks ugly, because it’s mostly covered with melty dirt snow and the part that is not snowy is just all brown and wilted. It’s amazing how much snow we still have even though it’s been pretty warm outside for a while now.

It’s been seasonably cold

I’d say it’s been unseasonably cold this week but I don’t think that’s true. It’s been seasonably cold. Still, we all complain about it – none of us seem to like the cold much.

I think the weather hysterics might contribute to us collectively rebelling against winter. If the news channels weren’t amping us up so much about the seasonably cold weather, we might not be thinking about it nearly as much.

My yard still looks drippy and brown, and I don’t like that. But as my wife pointed out it is almost February, and that means it’s almost March, which means it’s almost Spring. And then the yard will recover and look beautiful again.

The Day the Arctic came to Central Jersey

Looks like the Giant Arctic Monster is going to pass out of our little valley of the Northeast by morning.

We lost some spindly branches on the sycamore tree, but other than that all the damage we suffered was a little windburn on the way to the train station.

That all ya got, Mother Nature?!?