The Perils Of Heroic Health Care

Health care is great. Great health care is great. Some of it is.. not-so-great.

I’m not talking about the type that is necessary, usual, or emergency. But do you really know when there is a difference? Are you getting the right information, at the right time, from the right people? Does it matter if you are?

Boyhood at the Pediatrician

Used to be, in my recollection as a wary youngster who occasionally visited that scary guy in the white jacket, that the point of going to the doctor was to get taken care of, and get the feeling of being taken care of.
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Proof by Analogy

I often post comments on my Twitter or Facebook feed that are a little.. untrue, or jarring. For example, I once claimed that “Ignorance can lead to the better outcome” (expanded upon in a blog post – Left Hand Don’t Know).

Other times, I try to post a comment which might elicit some responses, like the time when we got a chorus of Princess Bride quotes all over my Facebook wall after I posted a series of updates with blanks to be filled in. Fun for all!

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