Gettin’ C# together with PowerShell?

Doing a lot of work with PowerShell lately at the office. Doing a lot of reading about Unixy type stuff to deepen my understanding of my new MacBook Air. Reading about pipes and “doing one small job well” and all that. PowerShell really embraces those Unix values.

The big thinking point for me is – how can I embrace that in my C# development work? i.e., How can I write C# applications which consume and emit .NET objects which can live gracefully on the PowerShell pipeline?

Workin’ on it…

Powering through PowerShell

I’ve been digging around in PowerShell a lot more lately. Some days at work, I wish I was a systems administrator instead of a programmer because I’d have more excuses to use some of the cool new tools like PowerShell. But of course back when I was a system administrator, soon after PowerShell was released, I found it so complex that I wasn’t able to make much sense out of most of it.

It’s a great language and environment, designed by some very smart and well-experienced people. But to get the most out of it you really need to have a wide variety of deep Microsoft experience.