Weather Hysterics

Reporting edge cases as the forecasted weather does not make for useful weather reports. Likewise reporting conditions at sea where gale warnings and ten-foot seas are causing small craft advisories doesn’t do much to help the folks onshore to understand what’s coming.

Over the last few years of what we now call crazy weather, we’ve collectively amped up the stress levels of routine and normal weather. NBC News calls their Weather Department as the “Storm Team.” That’s just silly – there’s more to weather than storm, and there’s more to news than hysterics.

I never used to be afraid of hearing wind outside but now every time I hear it howl or hear something blow around, I imagine scenarios like trees falling on our house and car. I’ve probably let the hysterics get a bit too close to my heart. It’s hard to not when weather hysterics has become such a prominent part of our daily life.