Point-in-time… and go!

Scratched cardboard card with sun

As a technologist and a software developer, I think a lot about the current state of a system, the history of a system, and how to understand what exactly a system looked like at a particular point-in-time. That’s important because without this understanding you can’t isolate and troubleshoot technical problems based on the impact of changes made to the system.

So naturally, when thinking about the project of this blog (Working Sandbox), I have a similar sort of outlook.

A new collaboration

Recently my wife and I had a re-think about what Working Sandbox should be. For several years, it was a personal blog for me – a place where I tried out new ideas, wrote on a wide variety of topics, occasionally even posted some fiction.

The underlying idea of the blog, though, was always to be both a “Sandbox” and a “Working” one. So, a place to try stuff, but always with an emphasis on being something that “works” or is functional at all times.

If it’s broke, er… you did something wrong

No broken blogs allowed – better to have something that’s not-quite-right but still somewhat functional than to have something that is outright broken.

The world should always work. Your world should always work.

Everything is your world.

So when we started discussing the new direction for the blog, I approached it the same way.

The two requirements of the new project

On the one hand, I (we, really) had a monumental task of taking years of writing about a wide range of topics and turning that into something more focused on its new theme:

Flexible work for better living

On the other hand, we wanted to do it without either losing all of the past good ideas (even the ones that only seem marginally related) and without making the whole new project take months to launch.

So, what to do…

Just go!

We just moved forward.

You can reinvent and move forward without destroying all of the past.

You can build something new without first sitting down to address every past issue.

And the past will fall into line…

Most of the old content is still here on the blog, lurking in the background but simply not very visible and unlikely to be seen. Some of the old content is being re-written on a daily basis to re-purpose it for the new direction. And then some of the old content simply got blown away.

But most importantly, we’re movin’ forward…