No more K Produce Farm?

Just heard our best local produce shop (K Produce Farm – Edison, NJ) has closed.

That sucks. They were a great place to shop.

Hopefully I heard wrong, and they are really still open. In which case you should run over there and shop as much as you can!

Maybe it’s time for the Metuchen Farmers Market to take-up permanent residence downtown in one of the abandoned storefronts… One can hope… It’s not my original idea, I’m just promoting an idea I heard on the Internet…

It was a good weekend of sailing. I took a day off on Friday to get some practice in motoring and docking a sailboat using an outboard engine, then did a day sail on Saturday and Sunday Рin the Hudson river (with Hudson River Community Sail)  and then in Barnegat Bay (with Barnegat Bay Sailing School). Sunday was a windy day and I had a little trouble coming back into the dock but it was good sailing and a nice relaxing time.