Learning about what makes a healthy suburban downtown

It’s a beautiful sunny day. Walking around town, stopped in for a chat with a local business owner who is working on transitioning / re-opening a business on our Main Street in Metuchen, NJ.

There’s a lot of complexities to opening and running a business – many of them are ones I wouldn’t have thought about. And the health of our Main Street’s businesses is really critical to the health and appeal of our town. The businesses aren’t just there for our convenience in shopping, they are there to support the healthy town community.

Lots to learn. Looking forward to learning what I can.

Some info about opening a business in Metuchen, NJ

Links to these helpful “Getting Started with a Business” documents were recently shared on the Take Back Metuchen’s Main Street group over on Facebook.

Some of the info might be a little outdated, but still lots of useful information, I’d say!

Why am I writing about this? After all, I have no intention of opening a business in our adopted home town. Well, it’s because our town is trying to work together to help encourage more business and more stable businesses. I figure the more useful information we all share and discuss regarding how to do this, the better. When people are better informed, they’ll have a better chance at succeeding in business.