The Day the Arctic came to Central Jersey

Looks like the Giant Arctic Monster is going to pass out of our little valley of the Northeast by morning.

We lost some spindly branches on the sycamore tree, but other than that all the damage we suffered was a little windburn on the way to the train station.

That all ya got, Mother Nature?!?


Crossing “See giant trees” off the Bucket List

It was a lot of years ago when I decided that at some point I wanted to see the giant trees out in California. At the time, I didn’t really know anything about California. I called them redwoods, because I thought that all giant trees were called redwoods. It later turned out that I may have been talking about giant sequoia trees.

And I think I assumed that all these trees would be found in Yosemite. Not that I really knew much about what Yosemite is or where it was located. But there was some memory  or something that made me think that’s where they’d be found. That turned out not to be true, or at least I mean – there are lots of giant trees that are not in Yosemite.

I finally got to see my giant trees last month. They were Coastal Redwoods. And we found them in Big Basin State Park, just south of San Francisco.