Being the “Guy-in-Charge”

There’s a lot of benefit to being the guy-in-charge.

For example, it means that (no matter what) you will get something done. Even if you are a dullard, or an obsessive planner. Even a procrastinator.

Look – I didn’t say that the result would be “good” but, for better or worse, if you are the guy-in-charge, you will make some sort of progress, in relation to the rest of the World. Your progress may be to build a space shuttle, program a groovy new tech support assistant in Python, or.. deepen your entrenchment into the mud of your current circumstances.
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5 Ways to Add Jumping Jacks to Your Day

Warning: Jumping jacks in a moving vehicle can be disconcerting. You do not land where you took off. Consult your physicist professor for advice.

The jumping jack is, I gotta say, one of the silliest calisthenics. Not as silly as the squat thrust, but far sillier than the push-up. Kids LOVE ’em, and for good reasons.

I recently asked my Facebook friends for advice on how to add more jumping jacks to my day. They are a hearty bunch of friends, and they had some great ideas.
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