The Administrative Moat

There are many types of moat in our lives.

For example:

  • There’s the emotional moat – that’s the one that causes us to argue with our spouse during our worser moments.
  • Knowledge moats arise from intentional gaps in what we know about.

And then there’s the administrative moat, which quietly erupts from an office, a cubicle, a group of them, or a department / division of an organization which is large enough to have admitted people who are invested in moat-building as an alternative to rainbow-leaping.


I’m half kidding. And half my tongue is in half my cheek. The other half is not. 😐
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Wow – This Place Must Have a Lot of Feet!

Occasionally, I see an amazing person, place, or thing – one which seems intent on stopping whatever good it might be able to provide to the World. Inexplicably wasting some innate talent or gift.

And in those moments of amazement, I say to myself: “Wow – this place sure must have a lot of feet, ‘cuz it keeps shooting itself in the foot, but keeps on walking.”

You ever noticed something like that?


Silver-Plattery – It’s a kind of authoritative flattery where things are handed to you on a silver platter. Okay – that’s contrived, I know.

But it’s a catchy term, nonetheless. And as you read, you’ll understand why my privilege of being able to invent new terms like this is my greatest advantage as the Benevolent Dictator for Life of this blog.

I’ve been catching up on old episodes of Fox’s 24 recently. Well, actually, I’ve been re-hashing them. I watch them over and over. Something about the terrible mayhem is comforting to me. I find Jack Bauer to be.. ahh.. soothing.
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