Looking for a New Source for my Story Fix

Giving up on “Almost Human” – it’s just a lame story. Watching “Olympus is Fallen” which I didn’t expect to like, but I do. I’m a sucker for melodramatic action flicks.

All this happened on a quiet weekend of puttering around the house, looking for new stories to enjoy. Some people say that action flicks and crap like that are just that – crap. But I say that some crap is clearly better than others. So you can tell I don’t really buy into the crap myth much, after all.


The Hunger Games – both the movie and the book were great for different reasons…

It seems clear that the director and writers of The Hunger Games walked off the set before the last twenty minutes were filmed.

Or, why does every director nowadays think it’s a good idea to film the climatic finale under cover of darkness?┬áMaybe that works well in the theater but does anyone really watch movies in the theater anymore?

Several really powerful elements of the story were unfortunately purged while translating the last bits of the novel into the movie.

I watched The Hunger Games, then I read

I watched The Hunger Games, then I read the book (on Kindle, of course), now watching the movie again. Fascinating story. The book was way more disturbing – mainly due to those awful beasts at the end.