Tick Tock around Penn Station, waiting on NJ Transit

The day before the holiday weekend at Penn Station is always a harrowing experience. Everybody is going somewhere. And they’ve all got luggage. And they are all trying to meet each other at Hudson News, which doesn’t work out very well because there’s a Hudson News every direction you look.

Tonight was different. Not in any sort of good way, just in the way that on top of all the messy standard commuter stuff you had… trains that weren’t working. As if someone just shut them all off. Disabled train is the official term but it really just means: Ain’t nobody going nowhere.

But the awesome thing is that we decided to leave the station for a while to wait out the mess and we went to a diner where I tried to order the Philly Cheesesteak but the waiter recommended against it but then he highly recommended the Ruben, which was yummy-yummy. I don’t order a Ruben many places because it’s a hard one for restaurants to get right, but this one was just perfect. And the diner (Tick Tock Diner) is just around the corner from Penn Station. So I’ll be going there often.