First Steps to an Online Magazine

The import of posts from my Blogger blog was amazingly simple. Heck, I did it right from the WordPress admin console – how cool is that?!?

To my good friends who seem to think that I have “hammer disorder” when it comes to WordPress lately, well, when your hammer is WordPress, I am really having trouble seeing why you would ever try to solve a problem that is not a nail.


It’s so easy that your grandma could do it – that’s all.. All my posts came over auto-magically. Now using a broken link checker (easily installed from the dashboard) to fix-up the links that are different (format change to names between Blogger and WordPress). And gotta find out how to add an image to my logo – reading here for guidance:

How to Add Your Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header – CSS Version

Other articles on my reading list:


How to Add Your Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header – CSS Version

Big Change

I have been a die-hard fan for the couple of years that I have been blogging – mostly because its ease in setting up.

But you know I started this blog because my thoughts have changed. Looking for better design (we are going with the Neoclassical and Thesis themes) and more substantial widgets and plug-ins. And we are making the big migration this weekend: for my wife and I, I plan to have our primary blogs hosted on WordPress (via a third-party) by the end of the weekend.

That includes bringing over all posts, comments, and hopefully tags. Wish me luck!

Oops and Abouts

If you look closely, on this day, you will see that I have two “About ” links in my sidebar.

What’s this about? Well, I am getting to know my new “learning” blog, and some of the basic concepts of the WordPress admin dashboard and the template system are still a little confusing for me. Some of the same quirks happened while I was working on my wife’s new website.

So I guess that my default blog with my new free account came with an “About ” page built-in,  somehow. Maybe that’s why when I started creating a new “About” page, I got a permalink that was “/about-2”. So I changed the permalink and published my new page, but now have to figure out where that second link is coming from in my sidebar. Does not seem to be a widget, which is sort of confusing to me – I would have naturally looked for a “links” or “navigation” widget to edit.

So, off to troubleshoot – welcome to my sandbox, where things are going to happen quickly, and often without much care. BAM.