Discovering CloudMagic, Jolicloud, and the world of meta cloud services…

Just when I think I’ve got a handle on the available sorts of tools out there in the tech world, now there are these cloud services that run on top of existing cloud services and present to their users a sort of meta cloud desktop.

Trying to grok where that fits into the big picture. They provide universal search features, for example. Do we need universal search features? I kind of don’t feel like I do. But then I think that as time goes on it would be nice to stop thinking of the various services where my data is stored but instead to just think about my data as a destination in itself, no matter where it is stored, exactly. These meta clouds could help us to make that leap.

I found CloudMagic via a post on Facebook from Evernote yesterday. There was a comment in the thread pointing me to Jolicloud. Before yesterday I had not heard of either of these. I don’t know if there are others like this out there.

Of course, this is all competitive with Google’s universal search which works across any Google service. I do use and like that.

I have experimented a bit in the past with a universal sync service called CloudHq which will sync data between all sorts of cloud services. I like it for some things but there isn’t yet anything there that I feel I need enough to become a regular user. I also used to use a product called Xoopit which was not so much a universal search tool but it provided a better search of your own Gmail than Google itself provided. But they got bought by Yahoo and now Yahoo has some of those nice features instead of Gmail.