Three Types of Spiders

There are three types of spider in this world:

  • Jumping spiders
  • Spiders that will kill you if they bite you
  • Spiders that lurk

Know your spider!

Love is…

… standing near each other with Fall leaves

… waiting patiently for your turn

… waiting for the train on a cold subway platform

… confusing

… being each other’s favorite cookie

… hippy-dippy and groovy in the face of adversity

Occupy Maple Tree

Don’t stand idly by as this tree and millions like it are decimated each autumn by the Fall Foliage.

Leaf-Peepers continue to profit while our government refuses to do anything to stop the problem.

We can prevent Global Warming and put an end to the fire that is engulfing this Maple right in your own backyard, leaving nothing but dry remnants to be picked up by municipal drones who are not paid a living wage.