And the weekend isn’t even half over…

It’s been a fine Spring day.

The day start pretty early, I did some things around the house. Some “administrative” home stuff. 

Then, off to the town library to help out with some Spring garden clean-up. It’s something I’ve wanted to offer to help out with in the past but it always seemed like it happened at times during the week when I was at work. Now I’m not so sure – it seems like maybe they do things on the weekend but I just don’t hear about them.

Well we did a bunch of clean-up, mostly raking up the piles of leaves that had sat through most of the winter. One of the members of the Friends of the Metuchen Library spent some time digging up and chopping down a 15-foot tree that was soon going to be causing problems for the tree it was growing too close to. More picking up, etc… then I walked over with one of my neighbors to La Gateaux, which is a new coffee shop in town. Coffee, croissant, some good chat, then home.

It wasn’t even 11am yet. Big start to the day, huh?

An hour or so later we were out and about doing some more errands. Ran over to the Indian grocery to pick-up some nuts (they have good nuts at reasonable prices). Then we went to the Raritan Bakery which we recently discovered. It has a really nice selection of baked goods and has the perk of a little ad-hoc barbecue stand setup out front where we bought some food for lunch.

Back home, nap time. Next up is this evening we’ll drive to Montclair, NJ for a house concert to see some nice folk music.