Some info about opening a business in Metuchen, NJ

Links to these helpful “Getting Started with a Business” documents were recently shared on the Take Back Metuchen’s Main Street group over on Facebook.

Some of the info might be a little outdated, but still lots of useful information, I’d say!

Why am I writing about this? After all, I have no intention of opening a business in our adopted home town. Well, it’s because our town is trying to work together to help encourage more business and more stable businesses. I figure the more useful information we all share and discuss regarding how to do this, the better. When people are better informed, they’ll have a better chance at succeeding in business.

Some down-home community activism

We’ve lived in our new home, in what turns out to be a vibrantly active community, for a few years now. The town is called Metuchen, NJ, and many people think this town simply rocks.

I know we do.

But it can use a little help. Heck, any town can use a little help from time to time and we are fortunate to live in a town which already has a heck of a lot of community involvement to do the helping!

Recently, it turns out my wife has become a good bit involved in some of our local “issues” – and the topic was just covered by one of the local news outlets: Residents rise up to seek solutions to downtown ills

We’ll have to see where this goes…

I got an honorary mention in the article as one of the guys involved in last weekend’s Litter Brigade. 🙂