It’s a Union Job

I work in technology. It is an industry which is overrun with re-work and redundant red herrings. An old network manager of mine used to say (paraphrased):

If two people are working on a problem, then one of them is wasting his time.

He would say this mostly when he saw a gaggle of us hovering nervously around a tech’s cubicle, working on some technical issue. He was trying to be nice, to point out that we did not all need to get into a tizzy at the same time. “Trust the other guy – he’s qualified and cares, and he’ll get the job done. Even if you saunter back to your own desk and just take a breather. Don’t worry – your chance to be in the fire will come soon enough.”

At least I imagined that’s what the network manager would have said, if he had not already sauntered back to his own windowless office.

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