Not All Android Cell Phones are Equally Awesome

I am far from an expert when it comes to hardware, and keeping up with the latest specs on gadgets. In fact, a large part of the goal of Geek-in-Law is to find ways for “normal” people to make good technology decisions without spending all your time researching CPUs and memory. One way to do that is to point you to blogs and websites which do that work for you.

Here’s some information from the AndroidGuys blog, where the author very clearly shows why you should pay at least a little attention (and a little money) if you want to get a decent Android cell phone.

… decide now if that $29.99 Android phone with specs from 2009 is worth it.

Why to never “just go with the free one”, AndroidGuys

Read the full post – trust me, it’s informative and a quick read. 🙂

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F.C.C. and Wireless Carriers Agree to Alerts to Fight ‘Bill Shock’ –

F.C.C. and Wireless Carriers Agree to Alerts to Fight ‘Bill Shock’ –

I have no clue why it took so long for this to happen. With the types of cellular communication we are all commonly using today, it’s rarely clear how much data or how much of a provider’s service you are using at any one time. Obviously customers should pay for what they use, but there needs to be a lot of transparency about what exactly that means.

Since phones and data devices are based on software, which is easily flexible enough to accommodate new reporting and alerting needs, there just isn’t any excuse for this requirement to have taken so long.

Kudos to the F.C.C. 🙂

T-Mobile – Still My Number One

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I like T-Mobile as a company. The reasons are various, and some are sort of.. vague.

Most importantly, T-Mobile was the first cell phone provider to sell a Google phone. Since then, I think every other provider has jumped on the bandwagon and now offers an Android OS device. My original G1 now looks like a dinosaur in comparison to devices such as the Droid and the myTouch Slide

T-Mobile was also the first (and I believe they are still the only) provider to support UMA, allowing you to make voice calls over WiFi, withOUT using Skype or any other VoIP software. The experience is seamless and beautiful. It’s the way life should be. I have previously ranted about it in a post about the (in my opinion) lagging iPhone. Disclaimer: I have never used an iPhone, and they do appear to be very pretty devices. 🙂
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