Crossing “See giant trees” off the Bucket List

It was a lot of years ago when I decided that at some point I wanted to see the giant trees out in California. At the time, I didn’t really know anything about California. I called them redwoods, because I thought that all giant trees were called redwoods. It later turned out that I may have been talking about giant sequoia trees.

And I think I assumed that all these trees would be found in Yosemite. Not that I really knew much about what Yosemite is or where it was located. But there was some memory ¬†or something that made me think that’s where they’d be found. That turned out not to be true, or at least I mean – there are lots of giant trees that are not in Yosemite.

I finally got to see my giant trees last month. They were Coastal Redwoods. And we found them in Big Basin State Park, just south of San Francisco.