The part of me that never forgot

Sometimes I feel bad about the stuff I post on my blog because I often go off in so many different directions. I’ve got a scattered-thoughts disorder, I’m sure of it. Problem is, I’m interested in too many topics and I’ve got a mind to speak my mind on too many of them.

But you know what?

No, right?

Well, what I’ve found (I mean, re-learned…) over the last few years is that things go best for me when I don’t care about who’s watching or what the ramifications are. I’m a mostly good person who does mostly good things so when I just go with my gut, that goes pretty darn good.

pretty darn good = mostly good person * mostly good things

And doing the stuff that’s in-sync with my innermost self just leads to all sorts of other positivity.

I think it’s easy to forget that, as you get immersed in the various flavors of life that the World throws your way.

But then again, there must be a part of me that never forgot, and I think that’s why I made the Working Sandbox.