One night in Vegas

It was many years ago – back in my twenties – when I first put a visit to Las Vegas on my radar. That plan got cancelled, I went to London instead, and ever since I’ve been telling folks that I intended to go someday – just to see it.

That day came.

Cool stuff. And crazy stuff. And I haven’t even seen much of any of it.

Yeah, I would come back – now that I have the lay of the land (a little?), I could plan a fun trip for a weekend that would be totally worth it. But I’d also be fine with never seeing it again. So it’s on the list of possible future vacations.

The most magical piece of it, though, was seeing a Michael Jackson tribute show done by Cirque de Soleil. Truly beautiful and magical. And makes me sad that I’ve never listened much to his music.

This morning we will try a true Vegas buffet for breakfast – the kind that we have always heard so much about. And I’ll get to measure it up against our fancy dinner last night!

Then, off to the desert for the drive back to Los Angeles for our flight home… 🙂


Looking for org-mode everywhere

Learning how to integrate Emacs org-mode across all my platforms and devices. So far, haven’t found a quite smooth enough way to edit that darned text file from cloud storage on either the Android device or via the browser. Who knew that in 2014 Emacs would be the premier client tool available for a particular use case of editing a text file anywhere?

Anyway – still working out the details and kinks, just throwing ideas up here by way of brainstorming.

Gotta say that when my instance of Visual Studio (again) locked up my work PC for ten minutes yesterday, it was a big motivation for me to continue moving down the path of finding and using tools which are not so monolithic. Yes, here I’m talking about using Emacs as an organizer and replacement for some features of Outlook and my current web-based organizational tools. But one of the great things about it is that as I spiral my learning curve around creating that solution, all the stuff I learn about Emacs along the way also gives support to my skills and knowledge to start using it to solve a boatload of other problems.