Soft landing after vacation

Back in New Jersey after spending a week in Utah. Catching up on things. Back to work tomorrow. The leaves are calling me – much leaf clean-up to do today.

I always try to do a “soft landing” when I return from a week-long vacation but it doesn’t usually go quite as smoothly as I’d like. There’s always a little anxiety as I try to reconnect to life back home. It’s something I hope one day I’ll be able to bypass.

What does it mean when you don’t care about your own TODO list?

On the one hand, it’s a great day when you can wake-up, look at your list of TODO items in Remember the Milk, and defer all of them to tomorrow.

On the other hand, that seems to show a lack of focus and clarity about what’s important to me. Why were those items important to me in the first place, when I put them on the list? And if they really aren’t so important, then what is? Where’s the things I do care about for today and why didn’t they make it onto my list?