Crossing “See giant trees” off the Bucket List

It was a lot of years ago when I decided that at some point I wanted to see the giant trees out in California. At the time, I didn’t really know anything about California. I called them redwoods, because I thought that all giant trees were called redwoods. It later turned out that I may have been talking about giant sequoia trees.

And I think I assumed that all these trees would be found in Yosemite. Not that I really knew much about what Yosemite is or where it was located. But there was some memory ¬†or something that made me think that’s where they’d be found. That turned out not to be true, or at least I mean – there are lots of giant trees that are not in Yosemite.

I finally got to see my giant trees last month. They were Coastal Redwoods. And we found them in Big Basin State Park, just south of San Francisco.

Attack of the 3.14-Tier System

We are taught, in the schools of software development, computer science, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, that programs, systems, what mortals may know as “applications”, should be designed and built as three tiers. It’s a famous notion, even covered in detail on the Wikipedia. Admittedly, the Wikipedia article talks about “n-tier” systems. Same difference. The point is, you got layers, well-defined, with harsh edges of interface between them. The nod to “n-tier” was probably just some overly-academic computer scientologist somewhere who decided that we gotta go general with this, make it abstract. I suppose sometimes you need more than three tiers.

How much more?

I was born in the World of network and system administration, and my native language is Windows point-n-click. If you’ve done that for a while, and then gone on to see other sorts of systems, you’ll probably agree that there isn’t much “tiering” going on in a typical Windows operating system. There’s bits of it, sure, but little bitty bits, I’d say. To be fair, it probably gets to feel like that in any sufficiently large computing system, eventually.
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