Ops to Dev to QA to DevOps

It’s been a long walk through a lot of technology jobs and roles over the years.

Lately there’s been a trend in tech to create a role called “DevOps” – meant to bridge the gap between traditional development and traditional operations. So, when done right, it should align the goals and outcomes of “what gets built” and “what gets used.”

But it seems like the role usually gets applied to a very narrow field of technology – mostly the Unix / Linux world, and mostly about server deployments and rollouts.

I might be simplifying things. (But, hey – what’s wrong with simplifying things? :-))

I’d say, this idea of bridging gaps and aligning goals between “what gets built” and “what gets used” should apply to… everything that gets built, and everything that gets used!

In my various tech roles, I started out doing all sorts of desktop and server support. At the time, I always wanted to be a programmer. So at some point I became a programmer, then shifted back to more admin stuff for a while, then did a longer stint as a programmer. Following that I had a time as the guy responsible for making sure software quality was high (Quality Assurance) – that’s a kind of bridging of gaps between dev and ops, right?

Finally, I’m at a point in my career where I’m trying to pull it all together. Trying to use all the various bits of tech experience and organization know-how to add a type of value that most organizations seem to lack.

A lot of it is tied into my efforts to make everyone in the world into a programmer. (See CoderDojo Metuchen and So What If You’re Not a Programmer.)

DevOps, in my view, is about ensuring that everyone in the tech department has the best tools available to build, do, and support their jobs.

Doing that requires knowledge of and experience with nitty-gritty configuration and service details, as well as the tools and brains to be able to query, modify, deploy, monitor, investigate, and support all the systems and engineering projects that depend on those details.

The field of DevOps spans development, quality assurance, operations, server support, user support, desktop engineering, application engineering, systems integration, software architecture, etc., etc…

Sound exciting? Yep, it is. 🙂