Me, and my shattered thoughts

It’s been quite a few years since I have done any blogging, and I may be ready to get past some of the obstacles that have pushed me away from it.

First, it’s good to see that WordPress – which is the only blogging platform I have ever loved – is still alive and well, and (appears…) to be as good as ever! 🙂

Here are a few of the obstacles that I think have kept me away from “blogging” over the years.

The rise of social media, and a feeling that writing online should be either ephemeral or perfect. Blogging – at least what I always loved about blogging – is neither, and both.

Partisanship. Yeah, I know. Who cares about the news and politics. I never used to. But nowadays – for better or for worse – there is a nagging feeling that everything I share publicly will be viewed by various folks as either building a monument or running off a cliff. Social media side-steps that by undermining the value of everything written. Blogging means you are a little more attached to what you say, and the stakes are higher.

Just being so freakin’ busy, and having increasingly more trouble figuring out which “5-year projects” are important to me to work on, and where I want to focus my time.

Finding the balance between being a consumer and a producer of information.

Witnessing the Blog Platform Disaspora!!!

(I mean, really – blogging was just fine until Medium came along and changed what we even mean by blogging. And then they made blogging all uppity and shiny. And that ruined blogging, which was never meant to be either.)

Defining the line between private thoughts and the public soapbox.

Slipping off the soapbox too many times…

Wondering who cares.

Wondering who is watching.

Losing my voice.

Wondering if I could ever find my voice again.


People hating Facebook, and the Shattered Thoughts of Twitter.

So, let’s see how this goes… 🙂

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