After all the hoopla about the gaggle vs. briefing yesterday, and the bickering about whether excluding certain newspapers from briefings is unusual… here’s a piece from The Washington Examiner – which was one of the papers that got to goto the party:

According to the piece, Press Secretary Spicer complained that newspapers were publishing stories with serious allegations but did not provide named sources.

But what he seems to be missing is that often the most important stories – reported by competent journalists – do not initially have named sources. Often there is a lot of digging needed before the story is developed enough to be the sort of well-documented named source news that Mr. Spicer wants to hear.

I’m pretty sure most investigative journalism works this way. And we trust professional journalists to use proper judgement to know where the boundaries are.

Perhaps Mr. Spicer would like to help the process by opening up his team to more transparently speak with the press? 🙂

Or, he can just patiently wait-out the normal course of investigative reporting…