Plunging into the middle of failure…

Netflix has a “Chaos Monkey.”

It’s a program that runs around in their systems and randomly kills things – just to see whether what didn’t die can still keep going. It sounds dumb, right? Self-destructive?

But when you take that kind of plunge – put yourself into the middle of failure – you become better. Failure becomes a positive learning experience or validation of success, instead of simply a demoralizing catastrophe.

The trick, of course, is to ensure that you are getting better and learning from what happens after failure. Don’t fail for the sake of failing – but fail for the sake of succeeding.

Sure, there are times when self-imposed random failure won’t make matters better. But most times, failing through to your next success is the best thing you could have done all day!

And you heard that from a monkey. 🙂