Information Systems Engineer, or Info-Engineer?

A content engineer is a tech person who uses tools to create, deliver, and make available relevant content in some sort of automated fashion and in various formats for a variety of audiences. At least that’s one way of interpreting the “content engineer” title – it’s sort of a new field.

We all know what an information systems engineer is – the person who fiddles with all the servers and network equipment to make your life difficult. Just kidding – to solve all your problems.

So… info-engineer

This is something I kind of just made up. Maybe somebody else already has an idea about it and has written about it, but not from what I can tell after a morning of research.

In my view, an info-engineer falls somewhere between the content engineer and the content marketer / strategist. More in the realm of automation and process, but also doing a lot of crafting of content as needed. But the focus is on information, not on systems. Systems only exist so that we may better use information, after all! Working effectively with information (a type of content) is the key.

The info-engineer doesn’t simply create content, but also creates processes and identifies obstacles to the efficient creation of content – without any fear of getting hands dirty with manual content crafting integrated into the whole process.

The information systems engineer, in contrast… does other stuff… techy stuff.

I’m thinking the two of them should cross paths more often! 🙂

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