Purge Day: The Power of Making Space

purge files

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Today is Purge Day. In fact, it’s a whole Purge Weekend. And for a guy like me who has some nasty anti-purge tendencies, that can be a struggle.

But, nothing like a nice, cold weekend in the northeast to inspire hunkering down, staying in, and sorting through one’s “stuff” with a harsh eye.

It’s an early spring cleaning, I suppose.

My Purge Manifesto

Top on the list:

  • Get rid of anything within main sightlines in the main living space that doesn’t immediately evoke delight. Either put it away or put it to trash.
  • Toss my current task list in the trash. If it’s important, it’ll make its way back into my brain soon enough.
  • Soak it in. Enjoy the space.

I’m a guy who needs space in order to do my best work. Whenever I find that’s not happening, it’s time to purge and take back the empty!

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