Takin’ a Break…

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I once read that Bill Gates goes away someplace for a week every year to do nothing but read books, as a way of disconnecting from the routine of everyday life and reconnecting with new thoughts and creativity.

For me, I don’t quite do that, but I do – every time I go away on a vacation – experience what I describe as a catharthis. A change in attitude toward something, and the type of change that would be impossible to experience without leaving my primary life-space for a while.

If I have a “vacation” without such a “catharthis” – then I call that vacation a failure. But the truth is, I don’t think that’s ever happened. I’m actually pretty good at tuning in to the life lessons to be learned from spending some time outside of oneself, so I get a lot of great lessons when I go out of town.

This week we’re spending in Florida. It’s dastardly cold back in my home region of New Jersey, and we lucked out that we’re missing that cold.

And right now, I feel likes it’s been a million years since I’ve been home, been at work, or lived within my usual life’s routine.

But I haven’t disconnected from the learning and the long-term goals that I started to envision while back at home. If anything, those goals and visions have become more solidified while we’ve been away from home.

I have, unfortunately, lost my way a little with this blog recently, and I’m working at it a bit to figure out exactly what I want to share. So taking from one of the lessons I learned a long time ago:

When in doubt about what to write, just keep writing until you figure it out.


When in doubt about how to live, just keep living until you figure it out.

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