Honey, did you remember to put the FedEx packet out for pick-up?

Earthsmart FedEx zero emission all electrical truck in Lower Man
About six months ago, I made the transition from a long daily Manhattan commute to instead working from home. My wife runs a business out of our home so she also works at home. It’s taken a little getting used to.

On the whole, it’s been fantastic – I’m able to focus more of my best mental time on work, and less on getting TO work. That’s a plus for me because I care a lot about my work. And it’s a plus for my employer because they get better productivity out of me.

But occasionally my wife and I will step on each other a bit.

It takes a little getting used to in order to avoid the habit of bursting into the living room to announce that we’re going down to Philadelphia for the upcoming holiday and then…

Oh, that’s right, your working.
On a conference call.
Tell everyone I said, “Hey.”

Sure, when you work in an office there’s always some background noise and disruptions, but they get excused since they are all part of the business environment. But when your wife suddenly pops into the audio of a conference call, or when you scream at your klutzy cat who just knocked over the lamp, then it’s a little… embarassing.

On the other hand, sharing an office space with your spouse can be a nice thing. For example, some of the administrative stuff around the office (ummm… house) can get done by either of you.

Need some envelopes?

No problem, I’m on my way to the office supply store anyway.

Need to schedule a FedEx pick-up for that laptop?

Sure, I’ve got some outgoing also.

Want to go grab a sandwich?

Sure! šŸ™‚

It’s nice to be able to have lunch with your best friend, life partner, and office mate. Never mind if she doesn’t actually work at the same company. You’re sharing space, and if you can make it work without getting on each other’s nerves, you’ll have a great time doing it.

Turns out – we don’t have any difficulties working together. At least not any I’ve heard about yet. šŸ˜‰

How about you – have you shared a home office space with a spouse?

If not, do you think you’d want to?


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