Exploring the new workplace for a no-limits life…

It’s been about six months since I started working remotely and it’s going pretty well. We used to call working remotely as telecommuting but nowadays telecommuting sounds old-school, and is really something a bit different from being remote.

So the goal, nowadays, of any forward-thinking employee or all-around productive worker is to be remote. At least that’s what I think it is – or, should be. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the last six months.

But working remote is nothing new – we’ve all been doing it for a while. When we think of it as telecommuting it actually means something different because a telecommute means that you were getting to the same office job that you might otherwise be at, but that you are doing it via a, uh… telephone! 🙂 Sort of. A tele-something, anyway.

But when we hear working remote, some of us think that’s some new-fangled thing but those of us who are more tuned-in to how work… actually… works, say to themselves, “That’s what I do when I get home at night and review the TPS report on my BlackBerry.”

Oh, jeez – that sounds old-school. BlackBerry?

But that’s what it is. Remote is about being able to work… wherever.

When I said I’d been working remotely for the last six months or so, what I really meant was that I’d been telecommuting, but not in that old-school way that we are used to thinking of it. Instead, I’m doing the telecommute, and I’m gettin’ stuff done… wherever, remotely, using great and awesome tools that are ubiquitous, for a forward-thinking company.

When you take advantage of all the many and wonderful devices, services, connections that your company offers, but do it on-the-go or at-home, then you are working remotely, regardless of whether you ever also telecommute. It’s a big part of office life nowadays, for everyone. Companies spend lots of money to make it possible, and employees spend lots of off-hours doing it.

That’s one aspect of the new workplace – the spreading of job tasks sort of evenly across your day, including getting into the parts of your day that we used to maybe call personal. That can be a sort of negative aspect if you let it be that.

There are other aspects of the new workplace – many other aspects, and those are all things we’ll be exploring here. Most of them are pretty darned positive.

Because the goal is not, as too often happens, to simply let your office gig spread all over your entire life. But rather to take advantage of all the many opportunities which are possible for productive work that is really and truly integrated into your life, and into your goals, dreams, and all the things you want to do or places you want to be.

Exploring the new workplace for a no-limits life… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We’re living in a groovy time.

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