Expanding on Emacs

After several tries over the years that only ended in frustration, I’ve recently gotten back to using Emacs and – wow! – I finally got past that nagging sticking point, I finally feel like I can work productively in Emacs. 🙂

Still amazed by the longevity of this tool, the mere fact that it is still hanging around, has a hugely active user base, and is under active development. I think I’m at a point in my technology life where – even though I’ll continue to use the “other sorts of tools” out there for all sorts of purposes – the appeal of a simpler, more flexible, keyboard / text based tool is growing stronger.

It’ll be a few months more of shifting if I keep going in this direction. For example, I’d like to start hacking some elisp (but I don’t want to get distracted by an excursion into elisp). And I’d like to work on integrating Emacs into the other tools I use – like WordPress, C#, PowerShell, Evernote, Remember the Milk, a few others.


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