Turning off word-wrap in Emacs

For a few days, I was using Emacs to work on writing drafts of letters and other prose, and so having word-wrap turned on was useful. I don’t remember how exactly I turned it on. I’ve been using a combination on my PC and Mac of Gnu Emacs, ErgoEmacs, and Aquamacs and they all have different ways of trying to make these configuration changes easier. So I probably did it from one of their menus or built-in configuration screens.

But then I needed to open a large log file and I needed all the lines to show more cleanly as long lines without any wrapping.

Back to Google – it’s going to be this way for me for a while as I progress with Emacs…

Here’s my note to self for future reference: To turn word-wrap on or off, it seems like all you have to do is type “M-x” (i.e., hold down the ALT key and press “X”) and then type “toggle-truncate-lines.” This is a little easier to remember, of course, since once you start typing in your Emacs command you can hit TAB and the program will suggest some autocomplete options. But… if you don’t remember that your command needs to start with “toggl…” – well then you’ll have to Google to figure that part out (I’m sure that will be me again in a few months).

When you Google for any tips in Emacs, of course it is a bit harder than your typical Google search since everything you want to do can be done in several different ways, and all the features have complexities that may or may not apply to what you are trying to accomplish. For example, I think I kept coming across information about “line file” or something like that. And of course you’ll inevitably find somone on Stack Exchange who is happy to suggest a new eLisp macro to solve your problem!

Emacs – You’re a tough cookie!

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