In anticipation of a warm beverage and breakfast

Today it’s a cold and icy rainy day, and I’m on the train from New Jersey to Long Island, via Manhattan. I decided to do that instead of driving since I’m tired and don’t feel like driving in the rain.

Reading the news, I see that New York City has a new mayor. There’s a lot of talk about his progressivism.

Reading the weather forecasts, I see that the upcoming week has a wide assortment of rainy days and cold drops.

A neighbor just sent out her annual newsletter, which tells about everything interesting she did in her life during 2013. She’s an interesting person so there’s a lot to tell. It’s kind of like a blog, except it only gets published once per year via an email attachment to her friends. It’s a shame, because lots of people on the Internet would enjoy her writing. I’ll have to talk to her about that.

I have a 30 minute layover at Penn Station between my NJ Transit arrival and my LIRR departure. I hope to use it to enjoy a NYC-style breakfast sandwich with a milky sugary coffee.


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