The everyday exchange of virtual objects

He’s trying to solve the Calendar Problem. That’s awesome!

Jon Udell

A recent Twitter exchange reminded me of a 2005 blog post that included this Ray Ozzie quote:

Each fall, as I manually enter the entire Celtics season schedule, my company’s holidays and my childrens’ school calendars into my own personal calendar, I am again reminded how ridiculous it is that The Net has not yet ubiquitously embraced the everyday exchange of virtual objects so basic as calendars and as vCards – which can also likewise be subscribed-to, aggregated into Contact Lists and auto-updated via personal RSS feeds. Bizarre.

We are, of course, still in that ridiculous situation. Dan Brickley asks:

@judell @rozzie any thoughts on why? Technicalities of iCalendar format or something larger?

I can’t answer in 140 characters so I’ll try to answer here. Although I can’t really answer here either. A while ago I concluded that writing prose, at any length, wouldn’t help. I needed to write code…

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