Chrome does bookmark sync great

In a post from 2011 (One of My Least Favorite Software Bugs), I complained about the performance of Xmarks as a bookmark sync tool. The company had recently been acquired by LastPass.

Today, Xmarks is a distant memory for me. The bookmark sync built-in to Chrome works great. Never a flaw. And it even carries over to Chrome for Android seamlessly, without a single hitch.

In a way it’s disappointing since I really have a lot of respect for the folks at LastPass and kind of wish I liked using their acquisition. But maybe bookmark sync is just not something I want to get from a third-party. But it can’t be as simple as that. After all, Chrome also has password sync built-in but it’s nowhere near a serious competitor for LastPass.

What features could be added to Xmarks to make it more compelling? Does bookmarking just not have the value-add potential nowadays that password management does?

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