Notes from Macungie for the Listen Live! Music Gig

One of the benefits of marrying a folk-singing wife is that you get to visit lots of places that you may have never seen otherwise. Tonight is one of those nights – and we drove this afternoon to Macungie, Pennsylvania for an in-the-round folk show (Listen Live! Music). My wife at this moment is doing sound check and meeting the other songsters, and I am soaking in the local scene at a nearby pub (The Pub On Main).

Fun stuff, I highly recommend everyone marry a folk-singer! 🙂

Some photos from my evening…

2013-04-27 19.40.52 2013-04-27 19.39.23 2013-04-27 19.20.34 2013-04-27 17.39.09 2013-04-27 22.39.19

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