I’m a creative guy and I’m a programmer. So I come up with a lot of product and business ideas related to software projects I’d like to work on. So far, I haven’t believed in a single one quite enough to commit to implementing and making it real.

Maybe that means I don’t have the “oomph” needed to build a product or run a business?

One idea that’s been on my mind for a while is something I call “Naggler” – or sometimes “The Naggler.” I’ve done a couple of process prototypes to sketch out the methodology and data scheme – I like to sometimes do this in a Google Spreadsheet instead of sketching ideas out in code.

So at its core it is a kind of taskĀ management system. It’s meant to be a way to simplify task completion for personal or work tasks which are managed by either Remember the Milk or Outlook. An interface layer on top of another productivity tool.

A key component is that it aims to reduce your number of outstanding, incomplete tasks, rather being an ever more clever way of recording and managing greater numbers of unresolved tasks.

More to come…


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