The Simple Solution to “The Problem Of Money In Politics”

I advocated for a hack of the campaign finance system that starts with the internet industry contributing something like 5% of its combined ad inventory to a pool that is available to politicans who agree to certain conditions.

via A VC: The Problem Of Money In Politics.

Yes, that’s one idea, but it only perpetuates the belief that advertising is a fundamental component of elections.

A better solution, in my opinion?

  • Congress passes a law saying, in austere language, that no candidate or affiliated group may produce an ad where the subject of the ad is the opponent.
  • Ad spending drops by 99%.
  • Done.

I mean, seriously – when was the last time you saw a TV ad where the candidate talked about him/her self instead of about how horrible the other guy/gal is?

The world is built on positivity. No reason to think that a great elected official can come out of a campaign built upon negation of the opposition…

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