Memories of Winnie (???? – July 10, 2012)

Photos of a cat with soft paws and a furry face.

  • “Oh Winnie, you’ve got litter on your nose!”
  • “Oh Winnie, you’re drooling!”
  • Purring like a motorboat attached to my head while I try to sleep.
  • “Wah-wah-wah, I want food.”
  • Playing “fetch” with an aluminum foil ball.
  • Galumphing into the other room after the aluminum foil boil, then trotting back and dropping it five feet away from me.
  • Leaping across the room after an autumn leaf falling outside the window.
  • Mouser!
  • Diabetes.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Fur-mowing.
  • The cat who doesn’t pee on the closet door like you-know-who…
  • Tuxedo-cat!
  • Sniffing, and then eating, her own whisker.
  • The rational one, among the feline population of the house.
  • Skinny-Winnie.
  • Jabba-the-Winnie, back in the “fatso” days.
  • “Hiding” on the black tile of the black-and-white kitchen floor.
  • Monkey see, monkey do.
  • Sleeping like a hedge-hog.
  • “Winnie’s doing soft-paw!”
  • “Don’t mind if I do!” 🙂
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