Boutique-Level Tech Support

There’s a special type of tech support that some of the people in my life get – my friends and family, my “number one users” at the office, and anyone else I am simply trying to impress. It’s not the tech support that you get by calling a faceless corporation, or by spending hours trying to sift through Google results to assimilate information into a solution, or by spending weeks on a support forum getting yourself acclimated so that when you finally blurt out your newbie question you don’t get flamed off the Internet.

There’s a type of tech support which is more “special” than all the typical channels. It is expensive and time-consuming to provide. Most people don’t ever get it (hence my strong belief that computing devices need to be simpler, and thus less buggy, so that users don’t need so much support).

I call it “boutique-level tech support.”

The first time I talked about it with a colleague, he seemed a little confused. As I explained what it meant he smiled and nodded.

In a world where so many people are frustrated by what often seems like the First War Against the Machines, there are many appropriate times and places where the technologists among us should be taking special consideration of a particular user’s needs. I’m not talking about “technical heroism” here – that’s something very different (and, I think, much more negative and to be avoided).

Boutique-level tech support. Pick your favorite user today, and make their world just a little bit easier. 🙂

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  1. When reading this, the term: “Concierge Tech Support” sprang to mind. If you’ve ever seen Royal Pains, you’ll get the reference. 🙂

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