Why Wiki?

on Wiki today featured pic of day
on Wiki today featured pic of day (Photo credit: shivanayak)

I use a few online tools for writing – each with a very different purpose.

My wiki (running the same MediaWiki software which is used to run Wikipedia) is used to grow content, gradually, in bits and pieces. I’ve just started doing this recently. The process for me generally is to just jot down some ideas and then fix them up later. I am collaborating with myself – wiki is good for that sort of thing.

This blog (running WordPress) is used to publish full thoughts in date-stamped bursts.

Also, I’ve started developing a strategy for iterating between the two tools by using the blog as a place to periodically snapshot content from the wiki (e.g., the content of this article originated on the wiki a few days ago). That allows the wiki page to continue to evolve and morph into something else, which can then be snapshotted again between the two systems in a few months when the content is something significantly different.

I use Google Docs to write longer pieces (and to write piece which I prefer or need to keep private), in a more introspective environment and non-webby type environment. Yes, Google Docs is, to me, “non-webby” in the sense that it is very focused on creating a writing environment that is similar to what you get with an old-school word processor.

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