Gadget Alert: doubleTwist AirSync App for Android

Apple now has iCloud, and that’s pretty awesome. I got jealous when I started setting it up for a few family members on their iPads, because I don’t use an Apple mobile device myself.

So I got to looking for some similar options for my much-loved Android phone.

I had remembered once before looking at a tool called AirSync from doubleTwist. At the time, I decided I didn’t want / need it. But now I believe it deserves a respected slot on my growing shelf of useful technology tools.

AirSync – It’s like iCloud for Android

That pretty much sums it up – like iCloud for Android. That means, you can use it to synchronize yours music, photos, movies, from your desktop computer to your Android device. It works pretty well – at least in my first few hours of trying it out. You need to install some software on your desktop (this piece imports a list of music from your iTunes library), and then you need to buy an application for $4.99 from the Android Market. There is a free option which lets you sync over USB, but I figure for $4.99 you might as well enjoy the convenience of wireless sync.

Plus, since it has been around for a while, I am kind of assuming that the software is fairly mature and has the right features and few bugs at this point. First impressions, working pretty well. And a nice side feature that it has is that in addition to bringing over my music library it will also sync photos and videos, bringing old photos and videos that I had forgotten about from the Android phone into doubleTwists’s desktop software.

Any of you have any experience with this tool? Like it, hate it? Let us know in the comments.


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