On the Middle, Get Set, Go

If you divide your time between doing the things people expect you to do, and the things you were taught to do, you will end up in the middle of a large crowd with the people who expect you to do things on one side and the people who taught you things on the other side.

That’s totally cool, if that’s the right thing for you. 🙂

I think for everyone, there are areas of life where it makes sense to be in that middle – those are the areas where you might not otherwise be able to contribute anything new, helpful, interesting, or good. For example, I know very little about personal finance. For me it makes sense to “run with the middle” and just buy the same mutual funds that everyone else is buying. I can try to convince myself that I can be the break-out winner, but it’s just not true. By following conventional wisdom I can at least keep up with the crowd and not get left out in the wilderness.

In other areas of my life, I know more than anyone else. The teachers are all my peers. And the people with expectations are just unfamous pundits. Of course that’s not totally true – there’s always a teacher somewhere who can be your mentor, someone who sees your complexity and sees it in simple terms that you cannot yet imagine. You should always try to find those people, but they are usually not standing around in the middle of the crowd. 😉

But if you find yourself spending too much time with the unfamous pundits, and you are not sympathetic to their gospel, you really should scram. Go.



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