Stupid in the Face of Adversity

A few days ago I posted a very groovy photo essay about love (Love is…). One of the captions (for a pencil sketch of my wife and I) was “hippy-dippy and groovy in the face of adversity.” That’s what love is – hippy and dippy and groovy, all in the face of adversity. Blam, and ack! πŸ™‚

The post was partly inspired by my love for my wife, and the uplifting outlook on life I get nearly every time she speaks (there are exceptions, of course – I mean we’re all human, yeah?). And it was partly inspired by a frustration I am currently having with a bureaucratic organization with which I have a very personal connection. I’d been feeling a little unsure of myself recently, during my struggle with the bureaucrats, and I decided that channeling that frustration into a positive experience such as an uplifting, cute, and fun blog post, would be a helpful sort of thing to do.

And I was right. As always. πŸ˜‰

Also a few days ago, a friend of mine posted a brief anecdote about a dragon she had slayed that day, something from her past that was difficult for her to confront, but this time she had confronted it in a very positive way, a way that made her proud of her progress. I indirectly described a similar experience I was about to have and got the pointed advice to “Beat that drum, man!” Always good advice – drum-beating. People should do it more often…

Today, while raking leaves, with some bits of this ongoing conversation I am having with the bureaucratic organization spinning in my head, I got a moment of clarity. It came to me with a certain set of words which I tweaked a bit so it wouldn’t sound too much like Steve Jobs. But then I posted it on Facebook, and I have to say I am quite proud of it:

Every change in the world starts with one person being convinced or inspired to think the change is worth making.

– Me, during a moment of clarity, while in a struggle with a bureaucratic organization

I wasn’t terribly proud of it at first – I mean, for me it was just an encapsulation of stuff I’d been thinking for many years. But somehow the act of writing it down gave me renewed strength. Immediately a few kind comments came – one friend applauded the hopefulness of original thought; another friend took my fairly reasonable words a step further and boldly posted that “all progress depends on the unreasonable man” – a quote from George Bernard Shaw. The comments from friends made me a little more sure of myself.

So I am going to tweak my love quote about being “hippy-dippy and groovy in the face of adversity” – and boldly declare that the path I am on requires me to jettison all past assumptions, stick to my principles, and when challenged to get back on the highway to non-originality just be:

Stupid in the face of adversity.

Because, you know – nobody ever made it anywhere by just doing what the smart people thought they should be doing. πŸ™‚

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